Bill Bailey – Larks In Transit

Bill Bailey is preparing for a lively 2018 with the announcement of his Larks in Transit tour, which promises to guide the audience through an array of “travellers’ talents.” The tour is a collection of tales from Bailey that he recalls over his 20 years of touring as a comedian.

Bailey’s tour opens on 29 January, with the tour’s original schedule including 51 dates that span through June.

The comedian has been touring for over two decades, yet his musical diversity is what fans will appreciate the most. Bailey is well-versed in the guitar, piano, cowbells and a variety of other instruments. His talents in music allow him to ignite the crowd in laughter without even adding lyrics into the mix.

The music itself is enough to make the crowd laugh.

Bailey promises that his tour will include the pursuit of happiness, politics and philosophy. Old McDonald, the real story, is uncovered, along with his own rendition of Stars and Stripes. But Larks in Transit is more than just music.

Bailey will use his stand-up experience to cover a wide range of material, from the United States election to the issues surrounding Brexit. He will also cover some of the absurd in his stand-up routine, which will leave the crowd laughing all night long.

He will also go through a rather long story where he explains his meeting with the one and only Paul McCartney. The story is embarrassing, and while not the pinnacle of the show, it provides elegance that allows for the perfect transition between jokes.

Bailey avoids shock value (in most cases), and he doesn’t need to be vulgar to ignite the crowd. Bailey works harder and smarter than other comedians that are looking for “cheap laughs.” He has a tendency to keep his shows as “clean” as possible with a touch of humor that only Bailey can add to the stage.

Bailey started touring in 1984 in a double act with Toby Longworth. His own style began to materialize as he toured the country with fellow comedians. He started to realize that his musical parodies were something that the crowd enjoyed, and he continued to develop these parodies throughout the decades.

He was awarded the Best Live Stand-up award in 1999 by the British Comedy Awards.

His performances include music from a variety of genres, from jazz and rock to classical. Larks in Transit first appeared in Australia and New Zealand in 2016.