The Chicago Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers is back with an award-winning show. High-octane, Europe’s most beloved production of the Chicago Blues Brothers provides some of the best music in blues with legendary artists on display all night long.

Fans will hear songs from some of the biggest names to ever grace the stage, including Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and BB King. Funk classics will also be on display along with some of Motown’s biggest hits. The sound, energy and persona that helped push the Chicago Blues Brothers to the forefront of the world is now back.

The Chicago Blues Brothers tour has shows through May 2018 with shows playing soon in an arena near you.

Two hours of music will provide fans with a once-in-a-lifetime performance. Kick off the holiday season with the sound of soul.

Chris Hindle plays Jakes in the show and has also taken on the role of producing the show. Chris has his hands in everything, from the show’s art work to social media and even set work. He started signing at a young age before studying Italian Opera in York. Always able to hit the high notes, Hindle has a natural talent which led him to perform as an Elvis Tribute artist, in The Sensations and Detroit Blue (both bands) and becoming a headliner at many festivals.

An international star, Hindle has toured in Asia, Europe and the United States. He has also performed in Las Vegas. He grabbed the attention of his manager during his time in Las Vegas, with his manager noting a performance at Caesars Palace as “awesome.”

A powerhouse on stage, Hindle is known for his soulful voice.

Gareth “Elwood” Davey is a solo artist and dear friend of Hindle. His solo career has led him to fame, but now he joins the stage with Hindle in the Chicago Blues Brothers. Known for his natural vocal abilities, Davey has a deep bluesy sound and a dynamic stage presence.

Breaking out into dance routines, he is a star performer that has a deep love for blues music.

He started playing his harmonica at the young age of 14, and he hasn’t put it down. He is also heavily involved in the production aspect of the show. Davey often goes into the audience to produce the live videos of the show and has since incorporated drone footage into his arsenal of video skills.

Well-established, his presence on the stage with Hindle provides a night of soulful blues music like no other in the United Kingdom.