Flashdance’s 2017 – 2018 tour features world champion dancer Joanne Clifton (except in Edinburgh and High Wycome). Clifton is a world champion ballroom dance, European ballroom champion and also won the Strictly Come Dancing championship.

Graceful with every step, Clifton takes on the role of the 18-year-old Alex, a welder by day and a flash dancer by night. The perfect role for Clifton, Alex has ambitions of becoming a professional dancer and of attending the prestigious Shipley Dance Academy.

Alex’s journey is that of a dreamer that wants to be able to find true happiness, and she doesn’t let anything get in her way – even love. Clifton’s rendition of Alex is big screen worthy as her championship dancing is on display.

Ben Adams, world class singer, will take the stage alongside Clifton. Adams was the lead singer for the hit band a1 and has performed in front of royals, the queen and even the pope. The chemistry between Clifton and Adams is on full display as the two combine their passion on the stage with unmatched vocals and dancing.

Selladoor Productions is putting on the show. The production company has produced Little Shop of Horrors, Footloose and Avenue Q.

Flashdance’s tour is expected to last 62 weeks in the United Kingdom with Clifton being a part of the tour the entire time aside from shows in Edinburgh and High Wycome. She will also be touring with the production in 2018. Illness may keep her out of shows.

The musical version of Flashdance does have distinct differences from the motion picture. The roles of Jeanie and Tina Tech are combined into the role of Gloria, The Zanzibar is also different with no nudity included, but the pole dancing stays. Richie Blazik is also removed and replaced by Jimmy Kaminisky although the two have very little in common.

Alex’s famous chair dance remains in the show, but all of the solos are cut for the “Flashdancers.” The film’s songs are also used in different contexts than the songs in the musical.

Adams replacement for the 2018 tour has not been named. The production assures fans that further casting for the 2018 dates is underway.

The 80s are back in Flashdance the Musical. An absolute crowd-pleaser, Flashdance’s performance where Clifton and Adams sing together for “Here and Now” and “Hang On” are pure perfection. The spirit of the movie will come to a stage near you with digital projections bringing the magic of the 80s back to life.